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Welcome to Advantage Marketing & Publications, Inc!

We are based in Ludington, Michigan, along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. Our love of this area makes our job easy, as we’re always ready to boast about the wonderful resources found in this part of the state. We publish both in print and online, serving the many tourists who visit our area, as well as people looking to relocate here to our scenic lakeshore, and those lucky enough to already live here. New guides are printed annually, and our websites are continually being updated.

We Produce & Distribute LOCAL Publications in Print

We publish three guides annually, and distribute them all year, especially throughout the busy summer season. The Ludington Area Visitors Guide is a very comprehensive 64-page magazine with full color throughout and stunning photographs of the area. Lodging, Dining, Things to Do and Camping are just a few of the business sections in the guide. The Ludington Area Map Guide features detailed maps of downtown, the coastal area including Hamlin Lake, Mason County, a multi-county region, and the Ludington State Park trails. For the best places to dine, we also publish the popular Lakeshore Menu Guide, formally known as the Ludington Area Menu Guide. All our publications are distributed free of charge through local restaurants, motels, and area merchants.

Advantage Marketing Offers LOCAL Internet Advertising

We created VisitLudington.com and HamlinLake.com in 1999 when the general population was becoming accustomed to surfing the web for information. Other websites soon followed, and we now own and manage an extensive network of tourism and special interest websites which support the advertising needs of our local and regional businesses.

Our website network is benefited by the “power of community” and our websites enjoy high ranking positions in the most popular searches. We are continually updating the sites; taking input from your emails and adding things that are of interest to you. Click the button below for a list of tourism and special interest websites in our regional network.

We Are Your LOCAL Web Developer for Custom Business Websites

In addition to our own sites, we’re also busy creating websites for our customers. Our dedicated staff includes several web developers, talented graphic designers, and writers who use innovative layouts and carefully crafted wording to create professional websites that professionally represent your business. We take pride in our ability to not only make our customers look good online, but to also code websites that are high-ranking in search engines. Please check out our web development website, AMWebGarden.com, for more information about a custom website for your business.

Never worry about micromanaging your website again! Not only can Advantage Marketing’s web department build a responsive website for you. We provide hosting and domain management services as well!